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Khushi Group S, Jawhar

Name of the group Khushi Nagli Snack Making Women’s Group, Wanganpada
Address Chouk, Wanganpada, Sakur P.O, Jawhar Block, Palghar Dt.
Title Empowering Communities through Miracle Grains: Promotion of Millets for Nutritional Security and Supplementary Livelihood Opportunities for the Tribal Women of Jawhar, Palghar Dt.
Enterprise Type Community Owned Millet Based Products Development & Marketing Recognized as a revenue generating group by the Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission (MSRLM)
Community Kokna Tribes
No. of members involved 6 women
Products offered
  1. Ragi grains
  2. Sprouted Ragi flour
  3. Ragi papad
  4. Ragi ladoos
FSSAI License/Reg. No 21519109000678
Date of commencement 26/10/2018
Total sales till date Rs. 3,00000/-
Business model The local agricultural produce of the region, finger millets are processed at the community level and made into nutritious snacks by the women group which are:
  • Sold to organic companies and consumers in the nearby cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.
  • Provided to the children of the village Anganwadis and primary schools as a healthy and nutritious snack under CSR and other govt. schemes created to address child malnutrition.
Appreciation and recognition
  • Tribal development department, Government of Maharashtra
  • Tata Motors
  • Bombay Canteen, Mumbai
Technical and Mgmt. Support BAIF
Contact details 9623931855

Where we need help

Technical assistance:
a) Identification and procurement of appropriate small-scale machineries that can be easily operated and serviced at the village level (e.g. flaking machine, puffing machine, dryer, etc.) for processing finger millets.
b) Procurement of simple machines for packaging of finished goods.
c) Fine tuning of the business plan and market approach to increase the acceptance of the product among the masses.

Capacity building and mentoring

a) Inculcating entrepreneurial skills in community members.
b) Mentorship on areas of finance, costing, supply chain management and logistics etc.

Financial support

a) Creation of bulk storage units to ensure that the agricultural produce stored remains fresh and intact for longer periods of time.
b) Support for branding, label designing and the creation of sustainable market linkages.


What Our Customer Says

  • Amazing work by tribals

    Nilima Azmi

    Microsoft Foundation

  • Recently visited the tribal village where these craftsmen work. Was amazed at their aesthetic sense and the enthusiasm with which they work. Loved the designs they created. Wish them luck!!

    John Doe

    Microsoft Foundation

  • Intersection of Hardwork and Tradition @Baansuli
    Beautiful handcrafted Bamboo jewelry

    Bill Gates

    Microsoft Foundation

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