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Story of origin

On a dry, march evening, amidst withered bamboo forests, in a humble mud hut of a remote tribal village I saw the masks for the first time. Under the scorching midday light they glowed. The mythical characters of gods and demons under the golden shades all came to life. 

Bhovada or Bohada a masked dance form from the trial hills of Southern Gujarat and Maharashtra is a celebration of the indigenous life and its heritage. But with the advent of the modern world they are gradually losing their touch. Thus to restore what is theirs, what is ours, this is our initiative t spread the tribal saga of life.

Which community is involved

The products are inspired from the tribal danceform of Bhovada prevalent across tribal areas of Maharashtra and Dang district of Gujarat. The dance form is performed by different tribal communities like Bhil, Warli, Koknas etc.

The fridge magnets are made by the men and women of the bamboo community of Ambapada, Dang, Gujarat.

No. of beneficiaries

There are 4 beneficiaries involved. 

Challenges addressed

Bohada is a dying form of art. The masks used in the dance form depict stories of the tribal life. Our initiative is not only an approach to conserve the indigenous culture by creating a sense of pride among the community members but it also gives them a source of income generation.


What Our Customer Says

  • Amazing work by tribals

    Nilima Azmi

    Microsoft Foundation

  • Recently visited the tribal village where these craftsmen work. Was amazed at their aesthetic sense and the enthusiasm with which they work. Loved the designs they created. Wish them luck!!

    John Doe

    Microsoft Foundation

  • Intersection of Hardwork and Tradition @Baansuli
    Beautiful handcrafted Bamboo jewelry

    Bill Gates

    Microsoft Foundation

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