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Baansuli (Bamboo Jewellery)

Story of origin

Dang is the south most district of gujarat state with beautiful landscape and abundance of bamboo. According to NITI Aayog, Dang is one of the most economically distressed district out of 640 districts in India. 98% of the population is tribal and major source of income is agriculture. Due to its hilly terrain, Dangs faces water scarcity post-monsoon. This discourages all cultivation practices due to lack of irrigation facilities. As a result Dangs observes seasonal migration of cultivators and agriculture laborers for manual labor to the nearest cities As per the District census 2011, the total population of the district is 2,28,291. About 88.83% population is dependent on agriculture, where an average of 49.35 % follows seasonal migration. The major issue in the district is of lack of income generation due to lack of livelihood alternatives. Aim of Baansuli is to create sustainable livelihood for these tribal by developing finished, durable and contemporary handmade bamboo jewelry as a mainstream lifestyle accessory to the urban market.

Which community is involved

Konkana (Kunvi), Warli, and Gamit

No. of beneficiaries


Challenges addressed

1) Major challenge was to deal with village dynamics
2) Making tribal understand the need of work ( happy with daily wages)
3) Prior engagements in village ( attending functions etc)
4) daily motivation

Significance of brand name, logo

Baansuli has two meaning that is Baans (Bamboo) + Hasuli (pattern of necklace) and 
Bamboo Artisan Socio Economic Upliftment Initiative (Baansuli).


What Our Customer Says

  • Amazing work by tribals

    Nilima Azmi

    Microsoft Foundation

  • Recently visited the tribal village where these craftsmen work. Was amazed at their aesthetic sense and the enthusiasm with which they work. Loved the designs they created. Wish them luck!!

    John Doe

    Microsoft Foundation

  • Intersection of Hardwork and Tradition @Baansuli
    Beautiful handcrafted Bamboo jewelry

    Bill Gates

    Microsoft Foundation

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